As Vinyl rebuilt NYC’s most beloved era, HBO Digital & Social created a slick, highly shareable web ’zine designed to help viewers unpack the historical context of each episode.  Nearly 500K fans visited the site during the show’s first season.
Press: NMEThe DrumFueled .       
Awards: FWA, Awwwards Site of the DayWebby Finalist, Emmy Nominee
Vinylcuts On-Air Promotion
This unique transmedia experience warranted promotional material that felt native to each platform.  A :20-second promo ran after episodes on linear, while a more robust video featuring the site’s UI was stitched to episodes on streaming platforms.
Vinyl Liner Notes
To compliment moments from the series, short explainer videos featuring iconic imagery from Getty’s editorial archives bookended issues of While Vinyl Liner Notes was originally conceived as a more robust series, it was HBO’s first foray into text-based video content for mobile/social feeds.
Snap Ads
HBO’s first snap ad campaign was produced entirely in-house, with 10 creatives collaborating across two teams on vertical videos promoting the series premiere of Vinyl. The campaign reached over 4 million Snapchat users  during the Grammy Awards broadcast.

__________________________ Let's Build
HBO Digital: Dana Flax, Katherine Allen; Editorial; Tanner Stransky, Diana Band, Design: Eddie Chu, Lynn Kim, Miro YoonKyla PaolucciPaolo Simeti
Promo GFX: Bobby Chang, James Daher; Photography: Daniel Arnold
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